Password Strength Checker using jQuery

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Password Strength Checker using jQuery
What is Password Strength? In general you can say that it’s a measurement of how effective a password is.I mean how its difficult for anyone to guess it and brute-force attacks.In general the strength of a password is depended on  its length, unpredictability, and complexity.

You might have seen the password strength checker while filling any online form like Gmail Registration Form.Right hand side of the password field you can see the indicator of its strength.

Some very complex algorithms are used to measure the strength of the password. Of course,i am not going to teach you that algorithm, but i’ll teach you how to make such  password strength checker using jQuery.

In this demo,one javascript “password_strenght.js” file is used containing checks performed on the value of the password field .Checks that are considered to calculate the strength of the password are as follow.
(1) Length of password
(2) Uppercase
(3) Lowercase
(4) Numbers
(5) Special characters
On the basis of the checks mentioned above,strength of the password will be calculated.Here,for better indication , different background colors are used for different results like very week,strong,very strong. etc,.
Download the demo and use it wherever you want..

Download Demo


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