Display Popular Products In Opencart

When we're running an online shopping store, we have to perform some activities on a regular interval in order to increase sales. Such activities include:

  • Making strategies to engage the visitor to store
  • Providing the best products to display
  • Check the user navigation flow
  • Making improvement in store design
  • Shopping scenarios etc... there are many other things as well which help us to grow our online business.


In this tutorial, we will discuss one tip which will help you to solve your question of how to boost sales in the Opencart store. So the idea is to display the Popular Products of your store. You might think that how this will help to increase revenue. Let me explain this to you.


The online store's success key is the customer. So how you are keeping your visitor to stay long on your store, how easily he can find the product he is looking for, how easy navigation of your store is? all these will help to convert your visitor into your customer. 


In addition to this, if you make some extra changes in the presentation of the products then it might also help you. Say for example:  if you display simple products then it's very common that customers will buy that product only but if you display the related products also then it will increase the chances of buying other related products as well.


Well there are many more such tips to improve online sell of eCommerce stores. I will write a separate post on that soon. Let's come to the main tip which is the title of this tutorial:  Opencart Popular Products.


Its very common behavior that users are most likely checking the popular products of any store. By displaying the popular products of your store we are showcasing other users to check which products are trending in your store. The visitors are curious to check what others are checking/buying in the store. So we should implement this to improve our sales.


As we are talking about Opencart, you can install the free extension created by me "popular products" from the below link. In case if you have any issue after installing the module then you can ask me on email info[@]php-dev-zone.com


Module Name: Popular Products
Platform: Opencart
Versions Supported:,,,,,,,

Main features:

  • Display popular products
  • Increase sales following popular products
  • Position popular products on any page
  • Set number of popular products and image size
  • Top-notch module architecture, no files overridden

Download Free Extension


Ketan Patel

As a backend and ecommerce developer, I have extensive experience in implementing robust and scalable solutions for ecommerce websites and applications. I have a deep understanding of server-side technologies and have worked with various programming languages. I have experience in integrating with payment gateways, and other third-party services.