Why People Use Disposable Emails

As an online business or user, you want to keep your inbox clean without any junk emails and only important emails. To avoid using your private or personal emails for any online offers, temporary accounts creations, dummy referral generation, user uses the temporary emails. Now a days many free temporary email service providers are available in the market.

Disposable email address

They are the temporary email address which is not owned by you. But as they are public so don't need any authentication to use them.

Below are some main reasons why people use disposable email address.

Easy and time saving

With disposable email services, you don't have to waste your time in filling the long registration forms. just visit the site, provide your email name and you are ready to go!


Free to use

Most of the disposable email services are free. To use them you don't have to register an account with them. Without providing your personal information to any website, you are using their service. Isn't this cool!


To hide personal email when dealing with others over the internet.

When you have to chat or send emails to any other users over the internet like buyers / seller's site, then you don't want to let others know about your real email address.

In such case the disposable email is the best choice which can hide your identity and still serve your purpose of contacting others.


To avoid SPAM

Spam is known as unwanted email. This is the main reason to use disposable email. When we register with some sites, they have their own terms and conditions related to email address usage and selling to other third parties. Most of the time we agree to it without reading them in detail. Such sites share our data to marketing agencies, third parties.

Such marketing agencies are used to run many promotional campaigns for any product/services, etc. and then our inbox will start filling with such promotional emails. Nobody wants to have unnecessary emails in private emails. To avoid this, people use disposable email addresses.


To identify the sellers selling your personal information

Many times you receive spam emails from third parties, but you don't have idea from where your personal information has been sold. Using the  disposable email you can track such websites. What you have to do is- From now onwards, always register for any site using the disposable email.

Always create the disposable name containing the name of that particular site on which you are going to use it. Use this email only on this particular site. For other sites create different disposable email with that site's name containing. like wise.

After a few days, weeks if you receive any promotional/junk spamming emails on any of your disposable email addresses, then you can easily know that which site has sold your data as you have used in only one place.


Developers choice

While doing the software/web development, developers have to test the emails sending requirement/action in the project. Using disposable emails they can test any online auction without flooding any real accounts.

A second benefit from disposable email is they automatically gets deleted after a predefined time span, so developers don't need to delete them manually.

Ketan Patel

As a backend and ecommerce developer, I have extensive experience in implementing robust and scalable solutions for ecommerce websites and applications. I have a deep understanding of server-side technologies and have worked with various programming languages. I have experience in integrating with payment gateways, and other third-party services.