Simple Tabs Using Javascript and CSS

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Simple Tabs Using Javascript and CSS

For the content-crowded web sites tabs or tabbing can be very useful. Plenty of space can be saved by using tabs. I mean just by placing content block in tabs and displaying only one block at a time.

Few days back I had a deal with tabbing. It would be better if I say not only tabbing but also very complex tabbing having awesome effects created using complex coding of jquery and nice look. Many hours were spent for its creation.

After its completion, I realized that there should be a very simple demo that acts like a row material for such complex tabbing creation that i had created. So, i have created very simple tabbing using javascript and css.

Download Demo

Features of this Demo

=> Very easy to understand
=> Only simple Javascript used
=> Highly customizable
=> Easy to implement.

Download the Demo ,implement it in your projects and customize it as per your requirements.

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