Steps involved in SEO of Website

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What Is SEO?

SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” It is the process of getting traffic from the “free,” “organic,” “editorial” or “natural” search results on search engines.


This is a widely asked question. It includes many possible answers and tips that are involved in SEO for a website. So you are thinking that What you have to do while doing SEO(Search Engine Optimization) of your website? below are few answers or tips you can apply.

To make this concept very easy to understand we are diving it into two categories.
(1) On Page Optimization 
– It has direct relation to the content of your website.
(2) Off Page Optimization
-It is related to get recognized from search engines like Google,Yahoo etc, by having links to other websites from your website and vice-versa.

On Page Optimization 

Content is King (HIGH PRIORITY)

Is the most important for any website.Your Content has to be unique, original and interesting so that your website users stay on a page long time to read more and more pages and explore your website. If your website has stolen or duplicate content then people won’t stick around on your site and search engines won’t find your site valuable. In simple words “A well-written site means a well-ranked site”.

Design & Layout

Design of your website will have the first impact on the user.It must be nice , clean,and user friendly.Sometimes a good content website fails in order to get focus of the user just because of bad design and structure of the website.So ensure that your website has proper navigation.Users should be able to find the information they are looking for very easily.

Internal Linking

Lets assume that user is reading your page or post, now its important to provide the links of the contents which related closely to current post or page.In this way you are trying to keep the user engaged with your site.The more good linking created more time user will be on your site.

Meta Tags 

Your website title and description are shown in search engine pages. So its also necessary to have good title and description for each page of your website to get quality traffic from search engines like Google,Yahoo.Header tags optimising is also important.

Optimization of Keywords 

When you work on SEO, one of the most important step is to find the great keyword for the page.Don’t try to optimize your whole website to any one keyword instead its better to watch an eye on those keywords and to write posts for those keywords.Its necessary to have some specific keywords to target users to visit your website. Google Adword tool is the best way to find keyword searches and number of searches. By analysing these targetted searches you could develop content by targeting those keywords in the content and meta tags.

Frequent Updates

Update your website frequently.Websites having content updating frequently often rank higher than other sites with static content. This is the main reason why blogs and directories (like Wikipedia) do so well on search engines because of constantly updated new content.

Social Media

Nowadays the social media is an important factor to get more traffic to your website.Write good content that people want to share on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social networks. The search engine will read such social signals as a signal of the quality of your domain.Put social media icons very close to the content of each post and near header or footer for your main page.You can put a note as a request for sharing the content too!

Off Page Optimization 

Get links from famous Forums and Blogs

Registered in relevant forums or blogs.Do participate by sharing your knowledge.But don’t do spamming instead first generate the relationship, your own credit in such groups or forums by providing the answers of others questions and queries and then wisely post comments related to the content of your website.

Have other websites link to you

This is really important, when it comes to SEO.In order to get the links from the other website, you can comments to others site.Nowadays there are many commentluv blogs which displays the link of your website.So search for such blogs and comment on them.This will help you to get the links and users from those sites also.One thing you can do is writing guest posts on famous and high ranking websites.Writing post on such websites having huge amount of users will give you chance to show your skills to the world and of course you will also get good numbers of users from this websites.

These are the steps that comes into my mind during writing this post. If you want to add or suggest any step then feel free to comment.I will add it in the post.If you like this post then please do share on social networks just by using the buttons given below.